Veterinarian Salary Guide's Veterinarian Salary Guide for 2021

A veterinarians salary can depend on a few different factors such as years of experience, geographical location, type of practice and whether you are an associate, partner or owner.  We have broken down the average salary for small animal veterinarians by each state and answered some frequently asked questions regarding pay for vets in the United States.  To view our salary guide for vet techs click here.

Average Veterinarian Salary by State

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State Average Salary
Alabama $84,500
Alaska  $96,500
Arizona  $93,000
Arkansas  $85,125
California  $96,100
Colorado  $92,000
Connecticut  $96,650
Delaware  $91,000
Florida  $81,500
Georgia  $86,200
Hawaii  $96,650
Idaho  $96,490
Illinois  $84,500
Indiana  $89,000
Iowa  $88,000
Kansas  $88,275
Kentucky  $90,000
Louisiana  $88,500
Maine  $88,000
Maryland  $97,100 
Massachusetts  $104,600
Michigan  $84,600 
Minnesota  $91,000
Mississippi  $83,220
Missouri  $82,500
Montana  $96,490
Nebraska  $96,100
Nevada  $96,490 
New Hampshire  $102,000
New Jersey  $93,000
New Mexico  $85,300
New York  $105,400
North Carolina  $74,050
North Dakota  $96,490 
Ohio  $90,000
Oklahoma  $89,000
Oregon  $90,500
Pennsylvania  $91,300
Rhode Island  $94,000
South Carolina  $91,000
South Dakota  $92,000
Tennessee  $91,000
Texas  $86,350
Utah  $90,000
Vermont  $96,100
Virginia  $94,500
Washington  $96,100 
West Virginia  $92,000
Wisconsin  $88,500
Wyoming  $96,490 


FAQ's about veterinarian salaries

1. What is the average salary for a new veterinarian?

According to the 2019 AVMA Economic State of the Veterinary Profession, the average staring salary for a new veterinarian is $87,000 a year.

2. What is the average salary for experienced veterinarians in the United States?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the average veterinarian salary in the United States is $93,830 per year.  However, according to other sources, such as Zip Recruiter, the average salary is $95,806 per year.

3. Which states have the highest veterinarian salaries?

New York ($105,000 per year), Massachusetts ($104,000 per year) and New Hampshire ($102,000 per year).

4. Which states have the lowest veterinarian salaries?

Missouri ($82,000 per year), Florida ($81,000 per year) and North Carolina ($74,000 per year).