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Our job board is significantly more affordable than others in the industry for one simple reason. We want to make sure that more veterinarians and veterinary teams have the ability to forge these important relationships, allowing both to thrive in the pet care community. We offer several options to get the right person onto your team through our veterinary job board with a range of posting packages to meet the needs of your practice. My Veterinary Job Board works exclusively within the veterinary field because we believe in the amazing work that gets done in practices when they have their ideal team. 

We’ll help guide you through setting up a listing on our veterinary job board to make sure you’re looking for the right qualities in an applicant. From veterinarians and specialists to techs and customer care representatives, every team member contributes to the overall success of your practice.


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Our job board is free to use and allows you to take a closer look at the many options available. Partnering with animal care clinics and hospitals throughout the country, you can use this resource to search out the right fit for you. Get an insider’s look at the variety of roles to be filled at different practices. Search our veterinary job board to elevate your career and take that next step forward. Find veterinarian jobs, veterinary technician jobs (vet tech jobs) and other veterinary jobs.

Whether you’re fresh out of school with a degree or certification in hand or you’ve been in the field for decades, every candidate deserves a happy, healthy and thriving employment opportunity. We want to make sure you know every option available to you, both near and far. 

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Q. Does it cost money to post my veterinarian resume, vet tech resume or veterinary resume on My Veterinary Job Board?

A. No, it is absolutely free to post your veterinarian resume, vet tech resume or veterinary resume, search for open positions and apply for veterinarian jobs, vet tech jobs and other veterinary jobs.

Q. How much does it cost to post a veterinarian job, vet tech job or veterinary job on My Veterinary Job Board?

A. We offer three different job posting packages, starting as low as $100 a month for a 30 day post.  Check out our full list of pricing plans here.  It doesn't matter what the job is.  It's all the same price.

Q. What separates My Veterinary Job Board from it's competitors?

A. We aim to offer value while still keeping costs low.  Our prices are up to 50% lower than are leading competitors.  We have thousands of veterinarian resumes, vet tech resumes and other veterinary resumes.

Q. What types of veterinary jobs are on My Veterinary Job Board?

A. Any position that can be found in an animal hospital or clinic.  We veterinarian jobs, vet tech jobs, vet assistant jobs, practice manager jobs and other professional veterinary jobs.

Q. Are there any veterinarian jobs, vet tech jobs or veterinary jobs by me?

A. We have job postings in all 50 states and with our advanced technology you can search veterinarian jobs, vet tech jobs and other veterinary jobs by city, state or zip code.