Mar 19, 2023

Licensed Veterinary Technician

  • Bay Animal Hospital
  • Essexville, Michigan

Job Description


Bay Animal Hospital in Essexville, Michigan is looking for Full or Part-Time Credentialed Veterinary Technicians/Technologists to join our busy 4 doctor companion animal hospital. Do you want to: Work somewhere that utilizes all the skills that you spent so much time and effort learning? Have a reasonable work schedule with a day off during the week and an actual lunch hour?! Work in an environment where your professional opinions and ideas are valued and have a great chance of being implemented? Have support and collaboration with highly skilled LVT colleagues? Form meaningful and important relationships with clients and rescue groups? Do you: Have a special skill set that you would like to use more, such as behavioral consults, ultrasound skills, dentistry skills, anesthesia/pain control skills? Would you like to learn more about any of these areas? We want you to practice and be respected as the highly-trained medical professional that you are!

We offer competitive wages and benefits packages that, for full-time, include health/dental/vision benefits, 401-K with match, uniform allowance, generous pet care discounts, EAP, paid vacation, and more. Part-time employees are still eligible for some of these benefits.

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The Veterinary Technician supports the veterinarians in ensuring quality veterinary care for all pets, advocates for pets, educates clients on all aspects of pet health and ensures a safe and effective hospital environment.


*Laboratory Skills*

* Proficient collection of blood from every vein route(i.e. Jugular, cephalic, saphenous) for hematologic analysis
* Proficient collection of urine from all routes (Cystocentesis, urinary catheter, and free catch)
* Manipulate & preserve various tissue samples for histopath.
* Proficiently perform laboratory testing on blood samples, urine, & stool.
* Make blood smears
* Read various specimen cytology slides for DVM staff (i.e. blood smear, impression smear, ear cytology etc.)
* Working knowledge basis to make and read FNA slides
* Take and develop any and all radiographs (Digital) including digital dental radiographs

*Surgical skills*

* Clean & Sterilize all surgical instruments and equipment
* Assist regular surgeon and specialty surgeon with any and all needs
* Proficiently perform canine and feline dental prophy
* Proficient knowledge base and capability to conduct an aseptic pre-operative patient prep and aseptic surgery room environment
* Proficient knowledge base of anatomy to function as a surgical scrub nurse
* Place perioperative intra-venous catheters
* Proficient knowledge basis of any and all surgical instruments and or suture used and or needed
* Proficient knowledge basis for common and even uncommon surgical procedures
* Proficient and decisive decision making abilities
* Ability to learn and use carbon dioxide surgical laser
* Ability to trouble shoot mechanical and instrumental issues
* Proficient ability to monitor and transition patient from pre-operative period to operative period to the post-operative period
* Monitor anesthesia and be a surgical float at the same time

*Anesthesia Skills*

* Perform full pre-op P.E. on all patients (with the ability to identify any and all body systems that may or may not have a P.E. abnormality i.e. heart murmur) and notify DVM.
* Proficient knowledge basis of all anesthetic drugs with a working knowledge basis of all anesthetic drug doses.
* Proficiently dose patient according to DVM supervision all forms of anesthetic drugs during the pre-operative, perioperative, and post- operative period.
* Proficient knowledge base and working ability to use emergency drugs and their doses.
* Perform CPR and recognize any and all anesthesia related emergencies.
* Proficient intubation and extubation skills
* Proficient and working knowledge for pocket pet anesthesia (Rabbits, guinea pigs, and rodents)
* Ability to work with isoflurane and sevoflurane gas inhalant anesthesia
* Utilize Anesthesia monitoring sheets
* Work with DVM staff to dose and administer analgesics pre-operative, perioperative, and post-operative.

*Examination and Treatment*

* Perform thorough history and ability to perform thorough physical examination
* Proficiently record history, weight, temperature and any and all other details.
* Restrain and stabilize patients during examination and treatment
* Trim nails, express anal glands, remove sutures and perform other routine procedures.
* Administer medications, vaccinations, and treatments as prescribed by a DVM.
* Provide basic education on animal care, nutrition, and medical conditions to owners.
* Proficiently place intravenous catheters.
* Perform patient treatments of hospitalized animals
* Place multiple different types of bandages (i.e. Robert Jones, Modified Robert Jones etc.)
* Perform after hours patient care
* Triage emergency patients (intervening as directed by DVM staff with any and all life saving measures.)
* Place urinary catheters on canine and feline patients
* Assist DVM staff with any and all needs
* Fill Prescription drugs according as DVM instructs
* Euthanize seriously injured or ill animals under the supervision DVM
* Manage support staff during the entire day
* Manage client and support staff issues
* Make and discuss finances for patient care estimates
* Teach clients how to administer medicines at home
* Recommend products for optimal wellness, such as vitamins, supplements, dental cleaning, flea and heartworm prevention, geriatric care, and dietary measures.
* Proficient and working knowledge base of most diseases and or syndromes to help DVM staff with client education.
* Follow up patient phone calls with clients after discharge
* Implement and utilize all previously mention laboratory skills.
* Self-initiative & problem solving skills

*Other Duties*

* Train new employees under direct supervision
* Order, organize, label and restock supplies
* Feed, walk, and bathe animals when applicable
* Conduct follow up phone calls with client
* Discharge patients for any and all procedures performed
* Greet customers
* Schedule appointments when applicable
* Answer phones when applicable

*Essential Skills and Qualities*

A veterinary technician job description typically lists the physical duties that must be performed, but technicians also need to hold certain personality traits. Some of the most important characteristics are listed below.

Good communicator: Vet techs must work with a variety of animal owners, doctors and office staff. Each person must be kept informed in a way that is clear and meaningful. Technicians must also be able to demonstrate compassion in situations that are stressful and frustrating.

Detail-oriented: Vet techs work with details every day, from symptoms and animal behaviors to diagnostic test results and medicine dosages. Workers must stay focused and organized in order to avoid mistakes.

Animal lover: The most successful vet techs are passionate about the animals they see on a daily basis. At the same time, they must be able to control their emotions, especially during times of distress or death.

*Working Conditions*

Helping sick and injured animals all day can be exhausting, both physically and mentally. Veterinary technicians typically work long hours, including evenings and weekends, and at least some overtime. They risk bites, scratches or other injuries when restraining, examining or cleaning animals.

They may also encounter diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans. While dogs and cats are the most common patients, vet techs should be prepared to handle birds, mice, rats, or any other pocket pets.

*Education and Licensing*


State license to work as a Veterinary Technician.

An Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree from an AVMA accredited veterinary technology program preferred; or the equivalent combination of education, training and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Must be able to perform all required skills of AVMA accredited veterinary technology programs at a level in which to aid in the efficiency of the practice.

Work Remotely

* No

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

* 401(k)
* 401(k) matching
* Dental insurance
* Employee assistance program
* Employee discount
* Health insurance
* Paid time off
* Vision insurance
* Monday to Friday

* Veterinary Technician: 1 year (Required)

* Essexville, MI 48732 (Required)

Work authorization:
* United States (Required)

Work Location: In person

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