Nov 28, 2022

Associate Veterinarian (Prepare the others...)

$110,000 - $150,000 yearly
  • 43rd Avenue Animal Hospital
  • 4426 West Cactus Road, Glendale, AZ, USA
Full time, Part time Veterinarian

Job Description

Here at 43rd, we need another vet. We need fresh meat; We’ll take a new grad or someone who has raced around the track a few times… just so long as you like us and we like you.

The Important Details

Need some flexibility in your work week schedule? We’ll tak ya’ full OR part time. We see the small furry things that like to meow and bark. No strange birds or mousey things. Rabbits…No. Does surgery give you anxiety? Then you don’t have to do it. Love emergencies? Good for you!  We don’t like those very much and like an appointment based schedule much more. Do you like being supported with a high staff ratio so all you do are doctor things? That is great, because that is what we like too. If you like aggressive clients, with sketchy critters that are not compliant, well, then we are not the clinic for you. Trazodone and Gabapentin for everyone!

We love our clients and our patients and we want to do what is the best for each one that walks into our clinic. We have lots of toys: Ultrasound machine, dental radiograph unit, surgery suite, 2 laser machines and all the fun IDEXX lab machines that do all the cool blood and urine things.

Our doctors currently offer specialized services like echocardiograms, ultrasounds, orthopedic surgery and acupuncture. If you wanted to learn these things, jump on board and we will teach you.

What we want is a veterinarian who has a sunny disposition, and their cup is almost always full. Someone who can communicate well with clients and team members.

The most IMPORTANT details

Do you want a sign on bonus? Sure you do, lets negotiate

Do you want to make Base Salary plus commission or would you be happier on a set salary knowing you would make between $110,000 to $150,00 per year? You tell us what you want.

Do you want a lot of your Dues paid yearly (I know the answer is yes)

Do you want paid time off? (Lets talk about it!)

Sick time (Yes. We all get sick from time to time)

Health/Vision/Dental (You need your eyes to see pets, and teeth for oral health and just plain health to just be happy, so yes, we will supply this too)

Simple IRA and company matching (Yip)

Employee pet discounts (of course, we know you have some lemons at home)

Time off and an educational stipend to continue this life-long learning thing we signed on for when we took our veterinary oath.

Only open during the week, never on the weekends. And we are home during the major holidays

No on-call. Really! We will not call you in…for anything

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