Nov 29, 2021

Veterinarian: Unique Multi-State Per Diem/Remote Telehealth Combo Position

$150,000 - $360,000 yearly
  • Integrative Healthcare Alliance
  • Remote
Full time Veterinarian

Job Description

General Position Overview

We are a young, private, non-corporatized, veterinary provider group actively developing a core team of trusted veterinarians across the United States for our next phase of growth. Directly founded by a veterinary colleague, our career model is like nothing else that currently exists for veterinarians. Formulated via a combination of proven career models in the human medicine space and our founder’s personal experiences and novel successes in the veterinary field, our mission is to maximize individual veterinary wellness, minimize veterinary profession stressors, and generate a passionate team of professionals who are ready to be a part of something completely new and impactful.


Our goal is to find enthusiastic, open-minded veterinarians ready for a true change in quality of “vetlife” and supportive culture. Our primary focus as a company is to foster happy and healthy vets, who will be proud and driven to once again enjoy practicing in the profession they love. By advocating for our people, we will then be able to fundamentally improve the veterinary healthcare system in a variety of much needed areas. Our company is not solely concerned about an individual’s current experience levels or comfort with the elements of how our model will work. We are looking for that select group of humans ready to stand up for change, and ready to be a part of that change as a unit. We want motivated and passionate veterinarians as excited as we are about our mission and vision. The rest can be easily acquired as time goes on.


Find excitement and security in a stress-free, proven career model, which provides our team members with a superiorly unique and fulfilling lifestyle. Allow us to help you construct a livelihood of flexibility, freedom, and adventure, while still performing veterinary medicine the way you want to. Practice with the most up-to-date innovative tech and equipment, and never feel pressured to sacrifice for less. Provide exceptional care to patients and clients in a combination of ways, suited to what makes you feel most accomplished. Deliver top-notch care to member-only pet parents in ways they have never experienced, and get appreciated for it. Finally, there is a veterinary initiative where the focus is team advocacy first, all else second.


Lastly, we are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and consider applicants for employment regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, age, citizenship, military or veteran status, or any other class protected by applicable federal, state, and local laws.


General Position Description (will include a combination of elements listed):

  • Provide comprehensive virtual telehealth wellness services to our exclusive client/patient member base, which can include triage, primary care, urgent care, and specialty care services using in-house telehealth/EMR system
    • Work remote from home or wherever private virtual services can be conducted (company telehealth hub is in Tampa, FL, not required to live/be there)
    • Remote working hour blocks are short and flexible allowing for customization all days of the week and hours of the day
    • Region or territory of telehealth reach will be based on individual’s licensure
  • Manage and oversee both virtual veterinary nurses and in-person mobile nurses with patient follow ups for chronic case management and care programs
  • Provide proactive client education on appropriate treatment and wellness plans for individual and group patient needs
  • Assist in collaborative continuance of care for patients with our “trusted provider network” brick and mortar clinic partners via primary and urgent care service offerings
  • Provide medication refills and/or supplement/nutraceutical orders as appropriate
  • Provide in-person locum services for trusted provider network and partnered veterinary clinics and hospitals, which can include primary care, urgent care, emergency care, or specialty services as appropriate or requested based on individuals certifications and/or preferred skillset
  • Assist in the general growth and expansion of our “trusted provider network”
  • Provide both positive and constructive feedback directly to the company on a semi-continuous basis to help advance company workflow, company outreach, patient/client outcomes and individual team member quality of “vetlife”

Position Benefits and Perks:

  • #1 goal of as a member of the team: let us help maximize your quality of “vetlife”
  • Work with admin to develop a career lifestyle that includes a balance of both in-person clinic time and telehealth provider services free from corporate restrictions
  • Live and explore the country essentially for free as a multi-state licensed locum veterinary provider
    • Direct mentorship via our company founder on how to accomplish, zero responsibilities or stress on you as the individual as our admin coordinates
    • Admin will work to include local positions as well per individual request basis
  • Acquire the absolute best rates as a locum veterinary provider
    • We negotiate and advocate on your behalf based on region and position type
    • Zero requirement for any uncomfortable discussions with hospital admin staff
  • Enjoy extensive amounts of free time all year long while still making a significantly better income as compared conventional vet medicine positions
  • Work completely remote as a telehealth provider- 2-hour shift blocks, running 24/7
    • Ability to sign in for an unlimited number of hours consecutively
  • Telehealth compensation is based on a per patient/consult basis not a per hour basis
    • No cap on virtual telehealth sign in opportunities and potential revenue. Work as little or as much as desired above minimum requested hours
  • Absolutely no corporate restrictions or required obligations as a team member
    • Our team advocates for our team members regardless of wherever they are currently working
  • No classic "corporate" employee contract intimidation efforts
  • Regular telehealth consult compensation increase opportunities over time
    • Performance-based assessed during regular yearly reviews and feedback forums
  • Several potential opportunities for company leadership positions
    • State/regional, veterinary/non-veterinary opportunities alike.
  • Even more additional revenue streams through closed referrals of pet parents/members and “trusted provider network” brick and mortar veterinary clinics/hospitals
  • Free affiliate advertising through company for individual veterinary specialties and/or services 
  • Mentorship support and free access to in-house human telehealth for all team members

Position Requirements/Preferred Qualities:

  • Actively licensed veterinarian in the United States (via successful NAVLE passing score and graduation from a US accredited veterinary school)
    • Post-graduate training a bonus but not required
    • In-house training and 24/hour support always available regardless of training experience
  • Either actively licensed in Florida or ready to immediately apply for licensure in Florida
    • Florida is the company “hub” and thus growth phase efforts will be strongest in this state first simultaneous to national campaign efforts
    • Multiple active state medical licenses in good standing a bonus but not required
    • Credentialing, license application, and maintenance services all handled in-house
  • Telehealth experience preferred but not required
    • Personalized in-house training program will be conducted prior to participating in telehealth services, based on individual’s comfort and experience level
    • Only telehealth requirements: one off-hours shift per week, all other blocks are voluntary signup
  • *Bilingual and multilingual individuals are highly desired but not required*
  • IT/Technical Requirements
    • Must own a computer/laptop with certain capabilities:
      • Internal webcam or accessory webcam
      • Sound card with either speaker or headphones compatibility
      • MacOS or Windows 10 or better
    • Must have continuous access to internet while completing telehealth services
    • Must have a mobile device capable of a few program installments (apps are primarily for authentication purposes)
  • Personal Flexibility/Adaptability- as we prepare to launch our next phase of growth with more providers and partners, there will be updates, improvements, upgrades, or other small events that may intermittently arise
    • Our admin team will be fully prepared to handle and resolve transient situations

We look forward to your interests and inquiries as we formulate this elite core unit of new-wave mission-driven veterinarians. Vets who advocate for well-being, are passionate about their community, and are inspired to be a part of the very future of veterinary healthcare as a whole.

Email address provided goes directly to our board, rather than a recruiting agency, so please send all further questions and position interests to that address in confidence. Remember, all it could take is a 5-minute risk-free conversation to find out everything you may need, so do not hesitate to make contact with us to hear more at any time.

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