Animal Care Clinic of Bemidji

Animal Care Clinic is a full service clinic in Bemidji MN

The production potential is very high at our clinic. We have a yearly gross production of close to one and half million dollars with 1 Veterinarian, 5 veterinary assistants, 3 receptionists and 1 kennel employee. 

What I consider to be the most appealing quality of our clinic is our staff. I believe that our staff is the best veterinary clinic staff in existence. Obvious prejudice on my part, but they seriously are great. A lot of clinics have the Veterinarians do the work that Veterinary assistants can do. Here at Animal Care Clinic the assistants draw blood, run Chemistries, CBCs and other diagnostics, use the microscope for urinalysis, cytology, ear smears etc. catheterize, intubate, sedate, monitor anesthesia, take radiographs, perform dentistries, take dental radiographs. prep and assist in surgery. They are very familiar and helpful especially in orthopedic surgery. bandage and apply laser therapy, take patient histories and provide client education.

Doing the work that they do gives my employees a sense of importance that makes their work satisfying. They also provide any Veterinarian working here a very high production potential. 

Even more important than their skill and knowledge is their interaction and camaraderie. They work well together and play well together, both during work and outside of work.   

I am looking for a Veterinarian that would like to work at a busy clinic with great support staff and rise into a leadership role. I would like to retire or semiretired in 5 years. The clinic will be for sale. However, if I have an employed veterinarian that would like to run the clinic but not own it, I will also be willing to continue to own and pay a base salary and production.