Excel Dental Clinic

Ideal candidate must be responsible, friendly, outgoing, possess a strong ability to multi-task, will be highly organized and have excellent attention to detail even under pressure. Excellent communication and teamwork skills are necessary. 

Must be proficient with, patient handling and possess good laboratory skills. Excellent communication and teamwork skills are necessary.

General Knowledge:

Give directions to the practice.
Know the range of services the practice provides and the species it treats.
Be reasonably familiar with breeds and coat colors.
Know and use standard medical and business abbreviations.
Use proper medical terminology when speaking and writing.
Understand the life cycle and pathology of common parasites (intestinal parasites, heartworms, fleas, ticks), and know the names of most common preventatives, recommended treatments, and diagnostics.
Be familiar with zoonotic (contagious) diseases, including their prevention and steps to reduce or eliminate transmission.
Know the policies regarding provision of veterinary care, treatment of stray animals, deposits for hospitalized patients, payments, credit, pet health insurance, and finance fees.
Competently speak and write the English language.
Competently speak a second language commonly used at the practice.

General Tasks:

Always be in position and prepared to work by the start of each scheduled shift.
Maintain accurate personal time cards.
Enter the practice through the front door so that you see what clients see. Routinely pick up trash or feces from the parking lot, sidewalks, or entryway.
Maintain a professional appearance while at work, including clean and pressed uniforms or clothes. Change clothes daily as necessary to look professional and avoid carrying odors.
Smile and maintain an even, friendly demeanor while on the job.
Perform job tasks efficiently without rushing.
Promote a positive attitude among staff.
Handle stress and pressure with poise and tact.
Be willing and available to stay late or through breaks, when needed, to assist with emergency or critical-care patients.
Show respect for clients, team members, and animals (alive or deceased) at all times.
Effectively promote preventive health care, nutrition, and pet health insurance to clients. Support what fellow staff members have said to clients.