Zarges Animal Clinic

Zarges Animal Clinic has been in establishment in the Upper Valley of El Paso, TX since about 1965.  We only see and treat dogs, cats and horses.  Our practice was founded and established by Dr. Kristi's parents who were both Colorado State University graduates, Dr. Sid & Sue Zarges.  Both icons in the industry of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Sid Zarges was an amazing equine veterinarian, who till this day, clients still have many wonderful stories to share with us.  He had the ability to do just about anything with a horse.  Horses were his love and the only species he saw and treated.

Did you know Dr. Sue Zarges was the first woman veterinarian to practice race track medicine in the southwest?  She was also the first female president of the El Paso Veterinary Medical Association.  A great example for all woman, and as mentioned before an icon who made a huge impact on the industry. She saw and treated dogs, cats, and horses and was the main veterinarian at the clinic while Dr. Sid mainly practiced at the race track.

Dr. Kristi Zarges grew up at the clinic and followed in her parent's footsteps, but she graduated from Oklahoma State, and not Colorado in 1995.  Like her mother, she continues to see and treat dogs, cats, and horses.  Visit us today at