Sweetwater Veterinary Clinic

The spacious Sweetwater Veterinary Clinic includes complete diagnostic and treatment facilities for small animals. The clinic has four examination rooms, a treatment room with recovery kennels, a surgery room and indoor dog kennels. We also have covered kennels and dog run outside for those animals that enjoy more natural confines. There is also an isolation ward available for those animals which require quarantine. The clinic's treatment and surgery rooms feature gas anesthesia, EKG and heart-rate monitors.

For the care of both small and large animals, Sweetwater Veterinary Clinic has a microbiology and chemistry lab equipped for the performance of many routine tests and procedures. The clinic also features a well-stocked veterinary pharmacy for the convenience of the staff and clients.

Sweetwater Veterinary Clinic is supported by two mobile veterinary units which are in radio and telephone contact with the clinic and with each other. These veterinary trucks carry a broad range of equipment and supplies that enable the staff to provide many diagnostic and treatment services on location including x-ray, ultrasound analysis, and specialty farrier services. They also feature heat and refrigeration to prevent freezing of medications during the winter and provide safe transport for medicines, vaccines, and tissue and serum samples which require refrigeration.