IronHorse VetCare

About Ironhorse Vetcare

Our Mission

At Ironhorse VetCare, it is our mission to provide expert veterinary treatment within a friendly and welcoming environment. As a 24/7 emergency and specialty center, we are always available to help your pet. We pride ourselves with our top of the industry facilities, diagnostics, and treatment modalities, to ensure your pets gets the care they need.

Our Practice

Our practice includes surgical and internal medicine specialists as well as behavioral specialists. Specialists are available 24/7 to work in collaboration with our emergency team. All of our services are available for appointments Monday through Friday.

Support specialists in radiology, oncology, and emergency and critical care are always available as well.

We are one of the East Bay’s leaders in innovative surgical and medical treatment techniques that include: minimally invasive surgery, stenting procedures for the respiratory and urinary system and total joint replacement. Additionally, our facility serves as a clinical development center for the application of novel orthopedic implants.

Our focus is on family-centered care and we offer a range of treatment options to ensure every pet receives the perfect level of care. By working in collaboration with your regular Veterinarian we can streamline your animal’s ongoing medical care.

We look forward to providing an excellent experience for you and your pet!

Our Facility

Ironhorse Vetcare is located in the in the same complex as 99 Ranch Market. Our facility faces the street, between Subway and Fast Signs, with ample parking available. For emergencies, parking in front of the entrance can facilitate us getting to your pet quickly.