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Which Vet Tech Job is Right for You?

Which Vet Tech Job is Right for You?

The veterinary industry is home to a wide range of different careers and opportunities, including vet tech jobs. People that venture into this industry have at least one thing in common -- their love of animals. There are plenty of different ways to help these animals and each one will require certain specialties.


With that being said, finding the right career path can be difficult with so many options to choose from. Knowing what would be required under the different types of vet tech jobs will help you narrow your focus down.


Let’s take a look at some of the major career paths for veterinary technicians.


Zoo Vet Tech


As a zoo vet tech, you can expect to work alongside exotic animals assisting zoo veterinarians. Certification requirements will include 10,000 hours of experience in the field. If you’ve always been a lover of the zoo, this is the perfect career for you.


Veterinary Nutrition Tech


These veterinary technicians are responsible for managing animal nutrition. Certification requires 4,000 hours of experience in nutrition for animals. Many people believe proper nutrition is only for humans, but animals need it too!


Veterinary Dental Tech


If you like teeth and love animals, then you would enjoy being a veterinary dental tech. In order to be certified as one, you will need 6,000 hours of vet tech experience and at least 3,000 of those hours in dentistry. Veterinary dental techs perform dental care and cleanings for animals.


Vet Tech Anesthetist


Vet tech anesthetists assist with monitoring ventilation and sedation during surgeries and procedures requiring anesthetics. If you are looking to be certified, you will need 6,000 hours as a vet tech, with at least 4,500 of those hours in anesthesia.


Veterinary Surgical Tech


As a veterinary surgical tech, you will be responsible for overseeing pre- and post-operative care during surgical procedures. 6,000 hours of vet tech experience will be required for certification, with 4,500 of those hours in surgical work.


Veterinary Behavior Tech


Veterinary behavior techs work with all different types of animals, monitoring their behaviors and training them to behave a certain way. They also relay important information to the pet owner as direction for moving forward. You will need 4,000 hours as a vet tech to be considered for certification.


Internal Medicine Vet Tech


Internal medicine vet techs will deal with a wide variety of animals, both large and small, performing advanced diagnostic services. They will also curate a treatment plan to get these animals back to health. 6,000 hours of vet tech experience will be needed for certification.


Equine Vet Tech


Much like the title describes, these veterinary technicians will be working with horses. They will be responsible for providing all types of different services on these animals, including routine and emergency procedures. For certification, you will need to go through the American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians.


Emergency/Critical Care Vet Tech


If a pet has undergone massive trauma and requires emergency help, they call on the critical care vet tech to assist the veterinarian in performing emergency procedures. You will need 5,760 hours as a vet tech to be certified as an emergency and critical care vet tech.


Clinical Pathology Vet Tech


Clinical pathology vet techs examine an animal’s bodily fluids in order to diagnose them with a disease. These vet techs will perform on a variety of different animals, including both large and small animals.


Becoming a vet tech is only half the battle, figuring out what to specialize in is the other half. Doing so, however, can ensure you get stuck doing something you love to do.