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Top Holiday Gifts for the Vets and Vet Techs You Love

Top Holiday Gifts for the Vets and Vet Techs You Love

Veterinarians and veterinary techs work hard all year long, day and night, to ensure that your beloved pet is taken care of and in the best health. What better time than the holidays to show the vets and vet techs in your life that you value their work and shed a little cheer on their long hard days with some thoughtful, some practical some whimsical, gifts? 

Getting a personalized gift is a tough business, and you may be asking yourself: will the object be put to good use or will it collect dust in the coming year? But with this handy guide, you can be sure that your generous contribution won’t be the next item at the white elephant gift exchange! 

Emphasis on hydration

It’s no secret that drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day can be hard when you’re a busy and bustling vet or vet tech, rushing about to tend to the need of your clients. Help your pet’s favorite pals keep well-hydrated with a durable water bottle. These environmentally conscientious reusable water bottles are great for pet care practitioners and the number of customizable options is endless! 

Looking for some guidance when it comes to picking out one that your vet and vet techs might like the most? Check out 4ocean Reusable Bottle in blue. These stainless steel bottles come with an environmental message to eliminate plastic waste. If you are looking for something more personalized, take a look at these vet and vet-tech specific water bottles on Etsy with precious paws and stethoscope details. And if you’re looking to remind your vet that they’re your pet’s superhero, consider getting them this vet superhero water bottle from Berkley Rose. 

Hype up your favorite vets and vet techs with some caffeine 

As mentioned above, your pet care professionals are running around throughout the day and could probably use a decent boost. Gifting your vet and vet techs some quality coffee is thoughtful and useful! There are endless great coffee options, but these selections will prove a luxury to the normal grocery store grounds. Lavazza Super Crema Espresso Coffee Beans are medium roast beans that are sure to delight. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend is a trusted brand and this dark roast blend is particularly full-bodied and delicious. Looking for something that will provide more pep to their step? Look into Death Wish Organic Coffee for a great brand that packs double the caffeine of normal beans.  

Crate Companions

This is a gift that’s beneficial to both your pet care professionals and pets staying in clinics, especially pet hospitals. “Cage-cozies” are stuffed animals (with plastic face pieces removed), baby blankets, or soft towels to be placed in the cages to provide comfort to pets during their stay. It will help ease the animals’ stress and makes providing care that much easier for vets and vet techs.


Slip-on non-slip comfy shoes 

This might be a bit more costly, but getting your vet or vet tech a pair of work shoes is a great holiday present. Splurging on great work shoes, like Dansko or Crocs, is an incredibly thoughtful gift. These work shoes will provide stability, comfort, and safety to vets and techs as they go through their shifts. Eliminate the hurt feet of your favorite staff with high-quality footwear. 

Donating an amount for a low-income patient 

We discussed in a previous blog post that one of the most stressful aspects of being a pet care professional is the question of pet care cost. As a vet and vet tech, providing superior care can often get costly—by no fault of the professionals involved. There is nothing more frustrating or upsetting than having to turn away a pet parent and their furry friend because of financial limitations. One way to help with this is by donating an amount that will go toward the care for the next needy patient who might be struggling economically. This gift makes a difference for not only the pet care professionals but also a needy pet and their owner. 

High-quality hand lotions 

Vets and vet techs wash their hands numerous times during a shift, and all of that cleanliness can result in dry and cracked hands. Help your pet care professionals pamper their human-paws with greaseless and fast-absorbing hand lotion. These lotions will help offset the effects of so much wear and tear. Trying to find lotions that will help heal hands but won’t break the bank? Check out Curel Ultra Healing Hand Therapy or O’Keeffe’s Working Hands for dry and cracked hands that need some love. 

A meaningful memoir

Sometimes your favorite pet welfare professionals need a gentle reminder of the good that they do and the difference they make. Show the vets and vet techs in your life that you recognize the importance of their profession with the memoir All Creatures Great and Small: The Warm and Joyful Memoirs of the Worlds Most Beloved Animal Doctor by James Herriot. It’s a collection of beautiful moments that will warm the heart of your beloved pet care professional. 

No matter what you select for the vet or vet techs in your life, showing them you care will make a difference during this holiday season!