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Tips for Retaining Your Employees in 2019

Tips for Retaining Your Employees in 2019

Employee turnover can be an issue in any veterinary practice but having a high turnover rate in your clinic can be bad for your practice. If you are losing employees who were not contributing much to the practice, it may not seem like a big deal if you have a turnover rate with them, but you should wonder what made you hire those employees in the first place. If you are losing employees who were valuable to your practice, you should also be asking what caused them to leave.

Ask for Employee Feedback

Giving your current employees an anonymous questionnaire to fill out at semi-regular intervals to find out if there is anything that they think you should be doing differently. Hearing this feedback may be difficult for you, if it is bad, but it can give you insights into how your staff feel.

Conduct Exit Interviews

Many companies do not conduct exit interviews; the employee leaves and that is the end of it. In at-will employment states, this can be especially true, because neither the employee or employer are required to give reasons for the employee leaving the company.

You can make this as involved as you want, whether it is just asking someone to fill out a questionnaire or taking the time to sit down and discuss with them their reason for leaving. While it may not be fun to hear why a disgruntled employee is leaving, it can help you determine what you need to do to retain employees. Even if you did not feel they contributed to the team, you may learn that there was an underlying reason for that within your company culture that needs addressing. 

Tips to Retain Employees

One thing to look at when you find yourself losing employees is what your salary and benefits are. Are you offering a competitive wage and good benefits? Research other veterinary clinics in your area to see what they are offering for starting pay in similar positions. You could potentially be losing employees because they want better pay and benefits.

Advancement opportunities are another big factor in why you may be losing employees. People want to be able to advance their careers, and if you do not offer opportunities to do so, eventually you will lose employees to clinics that do offer advancement. They will be much more invested in your clinic if they see it as their career instead of as a job.

Offering a formal training program may help with employee retention too. A new employee may also be feeling overwhelmed if they do not receive training in the standard procedures for your clinic. Taking the time to make sure they know what is expected of them can be a great way to help keep you from losing employees. To help with this, try to foster a team atmosphere; it can help make a new employee who feels a little lost or overwhelmed like they can approach their coworkers with any questions or concerns they have