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Satisfying Wanderlust Without Giving Up Your Veterinary Career

Satisfying Wanderlust Without Giving Up Your Veterinary Career

Many people dream of spending time traveling, but they often do not get to do as much as they would like because of the impact it could have on their careers. Fortunately, there are plenty of jobs for veterinarians that can be found abroad, ranging from working at zoos, in small clinics, or even something in the remote wilderness.

What can you do for animals abroad?

While the specific tasks you may do for animals overseas are the ones you are currently doing at home, you will still get a whole new experience while doing it. In some of the lesser developed areas of the world, the animals are in need of care that they do not have the technology for yet, so you will be bringing much-needed care to these animals.

Join an international project

There are a growing number of veterinarians joining international leadership projects to make a difference for both humans and animals. They go to impoverished areas all over the world that are lacking in food and resources because they had a loss of local livestock.

They put together educational programs to help the residents learn to properly care for their livestock and other animals, giving them the tools that they need to ensure their animals survive and thrive.

Join a Conservation Group

There are conservationists all over the world working to help protect the animals and their habitats. Being a veterinarian in a conservationist job can entail determining how healthy a rare species is, helping create new populations of rare species, and providing necessary medical services. 

Disaster Relief

Joining a disaster relief organization is another good way to travel abroad as a veterinarian. When a disaster strikes, animals can be displaced and vulnerable, losing their homes keeps them from knowing where to go for their most basic needs — shelter, food, and water. They can end up suffering from malnutrition, dehydration, fractured or broken bones, or infections from injuries.

There are AVMA jobs that allow you to do so too, as the organization is in contact with multiple disaster relief organizations to give the animals impacted by disasters the medical care they need, along with temporary boarding.

Abroad Internships

There are organizations that offer veterinarians — both current and future — internship and fellowship opportunities abroad. Through an internship or fellowship, you can gain experience all over the world, caring for exotic animals, wild animals, domestic animals, and even livestock. This can be a valuable experience for anyone in the veterinary profession, and you can travel while doing it.


You do not have to put your veterinary career on hold in order to satisfy your wanderlust. There are plenty of opportunities out there to allow you to work with organizations to protect wildlife, help with disaster relief, or complete an internship; you can help make a difference in the lives of animals all over the globe, grow your veterinary skills, and have an adventure, all at the same time.