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My Veterinary Job Board Has Officially Launched!

My Veterinary Job Board Has Officially Launched!

We're so excited to announce that My Veterinary Job Board has officially launched! Dedicated to connecting talented people in the veterinary field with practices in need of that talent, our platform is bringing employers and job seekers together. Our goal is to provide an easy way for everyone to find the right match, whether they're looking for a new veterinarian or a new animal hospital.

For Veterinary Employers

We know that it can be difficult to search for new, talented individuals to fill those gaps in your veterinary practice. Employment of veterinarians in the United States is growing at a rate far faster than the average when compared to other industries. This can be great news for those going to school now or looking for a new job, but it can mean a world of stress and frustration to those pet clinics in need of employees.

One of the problems when searching for a new associate veterinarian or veterinary technician is that you may feel like you're limited by the people in your area. However, the best talent may not be in your own backyard, and they may not know that you even exist! That's where our veterinary job board comes in. We put your practice in front of more people, helping to magnify your search. You can find the right person that will thrive in your team and grow with your business without dealing with high turnover.

For Veterinary Job Seekers

Who is My Veterinary Job Board for? People in the veterinary field trying to get their first job out of school. Those looking to advance their veterinary career. Individuals struggling in their current job to find a good work/life balance. Veterinarians are notoriously overworked, but they can often feel like they don't have options. Even worse, applying for jobs in another part of the country can feel about as familiar as job hunting on Mars. For people who are already too busy, it's difficult to find the time to hunt down new employment options. Our veterinary job board makes it easier to put those feelers out and find out just how many options you have. 

My Veterinary Job Board is here to help you figure out your big next step.